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7 Ways for Business Owners to Find Inspiration | Big Star Production Group

7 Ways for Business Owners to Find Inspiration

Running Low on Creative Juice? 7 Ways for Business Owners to Find Inspiration


If you’re a business owner who believes creativity is left up to the graphic designers, copywriters, and marketers of the world of entrepreneurship, you really ought to give yourself more credit.


Running your own business and building a brand that you’re proud of calls for more than just traditional business skills like accounting or sales. Instead, it calls for a specific type of creativity that all business owners possess, whether they believe it or not. (Read that back again if you need to!)

There is so much more to creativity than picking up a paintbrush or creating the world’s greatest song. As an entrepreneur, you exercise your creative muscles every time you think of new ways to inspire your target market or solve their problems with your unique solutions. So own up to all the creative juices flowing through you!

If your inspiration tank is running low right now, here are ideas for simple ways you can find your spark again:

Unplug Outdoors

Being outside is like receiving a hug from Mother Earth herself. 


If you didn’t know, being outdoors offers a natural creativity boost. So take a walk, hike, or simply sit still in nature, and look forward to good ideas to come!

Check out your competition

What better place to get inspiration from than people just like you? Phone a mentor or see what other people in your industry are up to by searching online. You might spark an idea (or several!) just by checking out a fellow entrepreneur’s website.

Write down ideas when they come to you

Don’t let your precious ideas go accidentally! If you have a thought that seems small, the simple act of writing it down can help other ideas flow to you, so keep a notebook or your phone handy at all times.

Change your environment

Is your routine getting you down? Shake things up by working from a cafe, taking a trip, or even making changes to your home office because sometimes a little change of scenery is all you need to light up again!

Learn something new

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is bound to open up your creative floodgates! So try putting on a different thinking cap, and see if that gives you a fresh perspective on your biz. 

Find joy in your favorite things

When you feel good, you can do good, so make time for the things you love! Tapping into the hobbies that already put you in an inspired state is the perfect way to get reenergized. 

Do absolutely nothing

Being over-productive could be the thing that’s dampening your inspiration right now. If your mind has felt like it’s running 100 mph recently, a little peace and quiet could serve you well to make room in your mind for fresh ideas. 

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