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Becky Rickett owner of Big Star Production Group website design Los Angeles glendale brand stylization and SEO

Becky Rickett

Here's how Becky turned her passion for music into the perfect job to create and cultivate her brand!

Becky began her career as an on-air personality in Billings, Montana, hosting the popular “Loveline” show and doing various voice-over work.

After falling under California’s spell, she packed up, moved, and signed on as a Production Manager at Thump Records—an independent record label specializing in low-riding classic cars with deep bass grooves and fresh vocals from young talent—in Pomona. She worked daily coordinating press releases, CDs, Cassette, and Vinyl records that were distributed by Universal Music.

Becky’s passion for music led her into the world of
website design and marketing.

While honing her production craft, Becky was signed on with EMI Music Special Markets—a division of Capitol Records—as a Creative Service Coordinator. She acted as a liaison for all outside advertising agencies (Eddie Bauer, Nordstroms, Starbucks, Time-Life…) Becky was the main point of contact for overseeing all graphics for CD releases, design elements, and occasional print press checks.

Immersed in creative files from some of the most recognized design agencies in the industry, She learned about typography and design, layout and branding while also becoming versed in marketing.

Established in 1996 as a boutique creative agency Big Star Production Group quickly became a one-stop-shop helping small business owners and entrepreneurs establish their online presence with ease.

We specialize in custom graphic design for website design and development as well SEO strategies to get you found on Google search pages – all while maintaining an eye on PPC campaigns too (we know what works).

Our goal is simple: keep it simple with high-quality results that speak volumes about who YOU are visually online.

Feel free to schedule a short introductory call and say hi by clicking here or emailing becky@bigstarproductions.com and let’s talk branding.


Gary Lawrence

When it comes to operations and business relations Gary has the finesse to cut through business jargon and get to the heart of the deal.

When it comes to operations and business relations, Gary Lawrence is the expert. A long, successful career has given him the edge he needs to cut through business jargon and get to the heart of the deal. Since the 80s, Gary has had multiple successful careers from an on-air radio personality to music buyer to successfully selling some of the first online music websites during the height of the Internet Revolution. At Big Star Productions, he works behind the scenes and fills in the blanks with knowledge, know-how, and versatility. From contracts and sales to negotiations and associations, Gary is the one for the job.

Louie Bean

Louie is our #1 pal. He keeps us company at the office with his warm snuggles and kisses.


Jewles is a project manager and program developer with an emphasis on communications, marketing and recruitment, and customer relations.

Jewels enjoys process and procedure implementation, assessment, organization, and providing strong leadership initiatives in cross-functional assignments.


How We Make Your Brand Bloom

Big Star Production Group specializes in custom design logos and graphics, web design and development, internet marketing and promotional materials, product launches, social media promotion, conceptualizing, and personalized branding.

We work with small to medium-sized businesses, major corporations, entrepreneurs – you name it! Our goal is to help your brand shine through innovative design while keeping true blue simplicity at its core so customers can easily connect on an emotional level- just like they would if talking face-to-face with someone who cares about them personally.

We believe every client should be treated like royalty; collaborating until we’ve created the perfect story arc for YOURSELF (and not something cookie-cutter).