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how to use your personal backstory to build a strong brand new blog post

How to Use Your Personal Backstory to Build a Strong Brand

No matter how cool your logo is or how clean and professional your website may be, no brand element will ever be as interesting as you!


We’re not just saying that to toot your horn, either. Telling your story has a powerful effect on your audience, and when you marry your personal narrative with your brand’s—that’s when the magic happens! 

As humans, our brains are naturally hard-wired to
pay attention to a good story, so it should come as no surprise that storytelling drives conversions and ROI. If you’ve been holding back from bringing your authentic self to the table, or you aren’t sure how your story fits within your brand, today’s blog will show you why you’re the most valuable asset to your business. 


Your passions, interests, or journey to building your brand may not seem vital to your success now. But once you learn how to hone your backstory to cultivate your brand, you’ll understand just why it’s essential to share it with the world.

Putting yourself in your brand’s big picture is key to purposeful and human-centered branding.

The story of your brand starts with you, and if you hope to reach your audience in a meaningful way, being willing to show up with something to say or tell goes a long way. Here’s are five tips to help you yield the powerful tool that is storytelling wisely and use your unique backstory to build a strong, well-connected brand:

Tell Your Why

It’s always worth it to highlight the heart of your business whenever you can, so connect your audience to your brand story by sharing your purpose. Answer

Focus on your spark

It’s hard not to enjoy it when someone talks about what they love, so invite your clients or customers in by sharing what lights you up—especially if it relates to your business!

Use your backstory everywhere

You can use your backstory in more places than just your About page. Draw prospective customers in by incorporating it into your social media captions, emails, blogs, and other relevant platforms in your content marketing strategy.

Share the good and the bad

Every compelling story has a moment of triumph, so share yours by including the obstacles you’ve had to overcome to be where you are today. 


By talking about your struggles, you can humanize your brand and connect to your audience more deeply.

Relate your story to your audience

The best way to use your own backstory to your advantage is to relate your narrative to your target market. Ask yourself: Where does my audience come into the picture? How can my story resonate with them?

Your story is worth being heard—so tell it!

What’s your story? And are you willing to share it? 


Storytelling could be the missing link in your brand strategy, so dig a little deeper and invite your audience in! For more tips and advice about creating a brand that’s authentically you, discover more at bigstarproductions.com/blog

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