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Local PPC Ad Campaign

$650.00 / month

Create and develop a Paid Search (PPC) digital marketing campaign to generate quality conversions on Google’s network as well as Facebook and Instagram.
Includes design of eye-catching ads based on placement size.


and monthly ad management fee for Google and FB/IG of $650 per month which includes ad design for all platforms.


Requires a setup fee of $750 to build out the new campaign in Google and FB/IG ($375 per account)

Initial setup and buildout of Google Ad account based on new trends which include some of the following:

  • Rebuild account based on current services.
  • Set up call tracking to help determine conversions
  • Set up click to calls from the ads themselves
  • Link up Google my business profile ad campaign (Google Search Map Ads)
  • Remarketing (retargeting) We leverage remarketing to tastefully follow your audience and create valuable touchpoints across multiple channels.
  • Buildout of some Discovery Ads (this will position LDP in front of people who have shown interest in your competitors)
  • Set up household income which will help to bring qualified leads to LDP.
  • Website tracking
  • Website flow, from pre-click to post-click, all the while leveraging tracking to attribute revenue back to specific keywords, ad copy, landing pages, time of day, channel, and more.

Initial setup of FB Ad campaign in business manager

Includes the following and more as additional data becomes available through tracking:

  • Set up New FB Tracking Pixel for remarketing audience, plus advanced conversion event techniques
  • Create precisely targeted ads based on audiences, new parents, etc.  Pinpoint based on income.
  • Demographic targeting through partner categories (focuses on what we do offline outside of Facebook – purchase history, sites visited) “offline data” will aid in targeting a specific audience.
  • Geo-targeting setup (example 20 mile radius)
  • Targeting Maternity, Newborns and New Parents with the additional layering of household income
  • Seasonal ad creation