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Google Advertising

$1,450.00 / month

Google Ad Campaign
Set up the entire Google campaign in AdWords. Keyword-driven Ad sets, Ad creation text, and images based on website creative Complete with event tracking on the website to understand conversions and clicks. complete connectivity to analytics as well events trigger conversion goals.
*Ad spend is billed through Google.  Estimate $1500 in ad spend which includes “shopping ads”
  • remarketing
  • display
  • discovery campaigns

I’l set up a camping to run goal conversions so we can show sales from our efforts.

BONUS….I flipped on the e-commerce tracking button in your analytics which was never live and NOW it’s tracking true sales which is 1000% better than a simpler URL goal conversion.



Complete Google Ad Campaign

Campaign build-out of ad campaign based on website traxdolly.com

Includes all ad creations, monitor, bid adjustments, positioning, and the tracking + more on the backend in Google.

Includes: Google Shopping Ads

The nationwide estimates for relevant search keywords are VERY affordable as the CPCs are super low.

We can dominate your niche

The monthly management fee for this campaign = is $1450

AD Spend is additional and billed by Google.

I would suggest $1500 a month for ad spending in remarketing and display/discovery campaigns as well as shopping ads. Our goal is to be at the top of the SERPs for your industry and increase sales.