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Nancy Stella PhD PsyD

Nancy Stella PhD, PsyD has developed the Courageous Brain Process (CBP), a groundbreaking method of therapy for overcoming fear. Dr. Stella teaches countless people how to reclaim control by releasing fears that trigger. Nancy needed a website, a strong brand identity, and a stellar book cover design. Therefore, she worked directly with Becky to do just that. Now, she is ready for her upcoming book launch to soar on a solid WordPress platform.



Client Experience: “Big Star designed my website, lead magnet, and book cover with phenomenal design & branding expertise! Launching a new stage in my career is intimidating, but working with Becky made it feel like I had another person in my corner bringing it to life. She made the collaborative back and forth so seamless and fun. With her help, I feel so much more confident to put myself and my work out there in a visually-driven market.”


View Website: NancyStella.com

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