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Gayle Theodora Drake

Web Design | Branding

Gayle Theodora Drake

In 2010, owner/CEO Gayle Theodora Drake founded GTD Image Consulting to help people cultivate the perfect wardrobe. Because she understands the importance of first impressions, Gayle assists her clients in finding their unique professional style so they accessorize with inner confidence. To do this, she needed support launching her website. At Big Star, she found her design guru to take her business to the next level. 

Client Experience:
 “A very big thank you to Becky Rickett, owner of Big Star Productions. Her patience and hard work was instrumental to the success of “concept to creation”.
Big Star Productions caters to business owners, solopreneurs (like myself) and covers everything from graphic design to building and launching optimized websites.
I couldn’t have done it without her!”

View Website: gayletheodoradrake.com


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