Amazing quality! Everything is always designed beautifully. I have done countless projects such as brochures, flyers, website, promotional dvds, and ads through big star. What I love is that every new design is different from the previous one. The work is always professional, fresh, clean, modern, and elegant. When Becky designs for us our promotional materials stand out from every other company that offers the same services we do. I absolutely adore Becky Rickett and love working with her. The main reason why she is my go to designer is because of how efficient she is. If I send her an email, I get a response back in literally minutes! And when you are under a time crunch this really helps! She is always sensitive to my needs as a client and is always willing to work with me. She's a perfectionist just like I am which really helps. I also love that when she does my printing, I don't have to run around to pick up things. If she's in the area then she just drops it off on my porch. I've been working with her since 2009 and she has been a huge lifesaver. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME AND MY ENDLESS EDITS BECKY! You're the best!
Tharini Shanmugarajah
Becky has a creative flair like no other. She listens to feedback and makes masterpieces!! Her work is amazing, up a few notches for sure!
Pam Heiberg
Becky is wonderful! The quality of the materials was fantastic! Our items before Becky felt amateurish. Becky's expertise lent a much more professional feel to the items. Becky was great to work with. She is very hands-on and is with you every step of the way. You'll be very happy with the final product and with working with Becky!
Craig McGovern
Becky was engaged, efficient, and made the entire process enjoyable. It took the pressure off of me knowing that once I turned over the "piece" Big Star was working on, I could focus solely on the rest of the project, trusting that the outcome would be exactly what I expected and more. It was. And on time.
Mindy Conner
Conner Strategies and Solutions
Your work is awesome! I am glad to have you on our team.
Laura Gisborne
Becky is like a business partner, champion and friend rolled into one. Her keen eye and listening skill created a branded look that helped me powerfully own into my brand. I feel good about sharing my website with potential business partners. Becky is attentive, creative, accessible and fast and helped me to see my brand come alive.
Tina Lifford
Not only was your work efficient, but the quality was always the best. You never failed to put forth your best ideas and give 100% effort to make me satisfied. We feel much more confident to have our website attached to our name and never hesitate to use it as our top marketing tool. We strive to be very professional and trustworthy and we are able to portray that through the website you created. It was such a pleasure working with Becky! She is extremely efficient while producing top quality work. She never hesitated to promptly answer any of my questions or make changes until I was satisfied with the final product. I couldn't be happier with the end result!
Anjana Pathmarajah
It has been a wonderful collaborative process, easy communication and and absolute blast! Everything. The look and feel of the brand would not be the same without you. Becky is a vast sea of knowledge pertaining to positioning your site well so it is successful and makes a large cash flow. Becky has gone above and beyond in every aspect of the building of our site. Her creativity and knowledge are priceless. Our site is one of the most stunning sites on the web today. Becky is a joy to work with and we are grateful we found her.
Lori Dorman
Owner / Hipbirth
Big Star Productions helped us develop the original logos and brand from scratch...Excellent work!
Michael A. Gamble
Becky delivered on exactly what we had discussed in a very short time, and the quality was excellent. Our initial work allowed me to quickly refresh the look and feel of my monthly newsletter and will lead the way for future projects.Working with Becky is a wonderful experience. She has a fantastic ability to quickly tap into my vision and provide a visual representation of what I see in my head!
Carrie Sharpshair
Simply Strategic Success
I love the creative process with Becky. She GETS the vision and runs with it!I began attracting a more affluent customer. The design really up leveled my business. My work with Becky brings about a consistent stream of compliments and people always request for an introduction. Becky puts her heart into all her work and it shows. I highly recommend Becky and often do.
JuliAnn Stitick
Big Star Productions has endless creative feedback. Becky was very responsive to my needs and came up with extremely creative solutions for me. Big Star Productions work gave my business a cutting edge appeal to customers. It reached out and grabbed them, resulting in more online traffic and subsequently more business. I highly recommend Big Star Productions. Nowhere, will you find more attentive, responsive, or high quality work. Becky and her team work tirelessly to insure a quality product.
David A Bagnall
Midwest Music Wholesalers
Becky was a pleasure to work with and made adjustments as necessary to fit our unique need of a race car underlay design. She was able to come up with an awesome design in the time frame we had available, it was a pleasure to work with her on this project. The quality of the work was superb and Becky was definitely up to the challenge that we provided her with.
Holly King
S4 Motorsports Marketing
Creative process was amazing...I originally had a tight deadline and Becky was fantastic at taking some of my ideas and running with them to create beautiful branding for my event and website. I really felt heard...in the past when I work with other designers, I felt like I had to have all the ideas. Becky came up with some great options as a base and we honed them into the branding I have now. I feel my business presence online really speaks to who I am.
Leanne DiSanto
Coaching and Training
Developing the look, feel, company rebranding, and incorporating our mission has been a success story with Big Star Productions. They were listening, creatively expressing, while holding my hand and laying down pure excellence in every area of our project development. Its a true joy to design with Becky. If your looking for your own success, these folks have what it takes!
Inanna Hall
The quality of the work we consistently get from BigStar is unequaled. When we have a fuzzy vision, the bold designs and support we get is helpful and provides great comfort. Knowing that by the end, every time, we'll see something that strikes the right nerve! With the marketing collateral, for instance, it's about knowing the material will speak for us. With the web stuff, same thing. Knowing that a particular image will powerfully represent us and stand out in a sea of visual noise, is priceless! Becky and the team at BigStar are Rockstars! When you're in a crowded marketplace, standing out is essential. Standing out is style is priceless. The work product is perfect because it has to be. The support, the ideas, the creativity...that's perfect because of who BigStar is. And that is priceless!
George P. Kansas
Amazing International
The branding that we established is fantastic! Becky was able to take a starting 'brand logo' and some photography and create a look/feel that supports the image and personaI was looking to project to my target audience! This extended to my final logo, business cards, and website! The visuals are outstanding! Becky was very supportive in guiding me to stay on brand and allowing me the ebb and flow as there were a lot of moving parts on my end. Lovely to work with!!
Hollie Mileski

We appreciate all the support and love. Feel free to leave your comment below.

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