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Hey there,

I’m Mary!

As a LOFT513 Member you’ll have access to the The top floor of Big Star Production Group an area we call our IDEA STUDIO!  A cozy corner of our LOFT where I may be the only person who refers to a “pen” as a writing instrument.  The teammates refer to their pen as a “stylus” to design with. All I want to know is why don’t these guys use a mouse?  I love creating marketing plans, digging deep into the back end of websites to devise SEO plans, descriptions, alt tags, basically finagle websites to talk to the internet behind closed doors.  When you become a LOFT513 Member, let’s connect and talk about the position of your keywords and how your analytics really do affect your overall ranking.  Join me as a LOFT513 member for some deep-dive discussions!

PS… The other teammates are working on some cool, LOFT513 Member content to tickle your brain with topics of conversation such as coding strategies, web development, the do’s and don’t you dares of web design, and more.  Stay tuned!

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Enjoy the view, it’s ridiculously colorful!


LOFT513 MEember

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LOFT513 MemberAs a LOFT513 Member you will be in an  is an initiative space that uplifts your mind to new heights! When you become a LOFT513 Member you’ll be in the company of other professionals who share business ideas and knowledge freely. As a LOFT513 Member you”ll be in  a really cool place to pick up tips and tricks of the trade. From the the Big Star blog to thought provoking questions, articles, LOFT513 is designed to help elevate your business.

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