Pull Blog posts

With convenient and powerful blog post shortcode you can retrieve your posts from blog or any category, which will be updated dynamically when new post is created.

Post excerpt examples.

[spacer size=”25″]
[column size=”1-2″]
[blog titlesize=”15″ num=”3″ type=”excerpt” meta=”yes” orderby=”post_date” order=”DESC” style=”1″ background=”no” ]
[column size=”1-2″ last=”1″]
[blog titlesize=”16″ num=”4″ cat=”4″ type=”excerpt” meta=”no” orderby=”post_date” order=”DESC” style=”2″ background=”no”]

Full posts with background

[spacer size=”15″]
[div style=”width:72%”]
[blog titlesize=”28″ num=”2″ type=”full” meta=”yes” orderby=”post_date” thumbnail=”no” order=”DESC” style=”2″ background=”yes” bg_color=”#e4e8ea”]
[spoiler title=”Get the code”]

[[blog titlesize="28" num="3" thumbnail="yes" type="full" meta="yes" orderby="post_date" order="DESC" style="2" background="yes" bg_color="#e4e8ea"]]


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