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Color… color…. color…. When creating a site, choosing the optimum colors is one of the most difficult tasks that arise in spite of the apparent easiness. Color can evoke emotions that range from Angry Red, Doomsday Black, and Obnoxious Orange to Mellow Yellow, Dreamy Blue, and Pretty Pink.

There are 16,777,216 unique combinations colors in the hexadecimal colors system, so choosing the perfect chromatic palette is important in order to effectively communicate the message, strengthen the idea of a unique entity, and to create brand awareness.

It’s not always easy to hone in one particular color or a color combination that speaks your message. Think of your design color as carefully as you would the color of your house or interior rooms. How many of us have gone to the hardware store for paint samples, decided on a color, got it home and found it look awful on the wall? Take as much time as you would choosing the correct shade of paint as you would choosing the right shade or hexcolor for your logo and graphic design.

One of my favorite tools is this handy little app called The Color Picker! When I’m cruising the web for inspiration and stumble upon a site or color scheme I truly love, I just open this little app and sample the colors. Then I can “rob and duplicate” colors into my new designs. Give it a try, you may love it as much as I do! The Color Picker will bring clarity to the hex colors and allow you to apply them to your own WordPress site or design.

If you’re crazy for color like me. Share with a friend and let’s continue to create amazing designs!


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