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Hey there, I’m Mary!

Welcome to LOFT513!, the top floor of Big Star Production Group, a cozy corner of our LOFT where I may be the only person who refers to a “pen” as a writing instrument.  The team mates refer to their pen as a “stylus” to design with. All I want to know is why don’t these guys use a mouse?  I love creating marketing plans, digging deep into the back end of the web to create SEO keywords, descriptions, and make your website talk to the internet behind closed doors.  Let’s connect and talk about how many impressions you are making and how your CPC could be a hidden treasure.  Are you leaving money on the table?  The Big Star Team is planning some deep-dive discussions on how to increase your SEO ranking in the near future, stay tuned. We truly have a lot to talk about.

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LOFT513 is a cool place to just hang out and talk about any and everything CREATIVE!
Be sure and post some of your projects on the LOFT513 Social Wall, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to.



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We’ll be sharing our own creative tips and thoughts as well as posting authored articles that we have found stimulating or intriguing. Stay tuned... we'll be updating as we become inspired to empower you to create great things.



Color… color…. color…. When creating a site, choosing the optimum colors is one of the most difficult tasks that arise in spite of the apparent easiness. Color can evoke emotions that range from Angry Red, Doomsday Black, and Obnoxious Orange to Mellow Yellow, Dreamy Blue, and Pretty Pink.  Read More

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