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We are Creative
We Are Brand Strategists
We Design Stunners
We Build Websites
We Create Product Launches
We are Photographers
We Are Designers

Big Star Production Group is a Los Angeles creative & professional website and graphic design firm

specializing in graphics, branding, product launches, web hosting, social media marketing, search engine optimization and eCommerce.  
Check out our SHOWCASE PAGE to learn more about our work.

bigstarproductions.com avatar
Make Your Profile In loft513 Hey there, I’m Becky!  I hang out on the top floor of Big Star Production Group, we call it our IDEA STUDIO! A cozy corner of our LOFT where I spend my days experimenting with color, fonts, code, web design, web development, and just about anything else creative. When inspiration strikes I like to share creative tips and shortcuts, graphic and web ideas as well as authored articles that either inspire my heart or tickle my brain. When you arrive at LOFT513, I’d love for your to create your own unique profile, that way our team gets to know you personally.  Feel free to share your profile socially or with family and friends. LOFT513, enjoy the view, it’s full of vibrant color!


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A few authored articles from LOFT513 the top floor of Big Star Production Group

visual horsepower for your brand
What’s in LOFT513…“Speed, I am speed” ~ Lightening McQueen
Visual Horsepower for your brand!

Big Star Production Group offers “visual horsepower for your brand!”

Every aspect of #25 is evaluated for reliability, safety, performance, and comfort. Chris King is dressed for endurance with fire-retardant clothing, crash helmet, and protective gear. As he climbs through the safety cage to gain control and settle into the racing seat of his late model, warm leather embraces accelerated adrenaline. This is the moment Chris is prepared for: both physically and mentally. The countdown has begun, a quick look left, then right, the initial thrust of the pedal, the engine is engaged, tires screech, and focus becomes fixed on speed, competitors, lap time and qualifying; all the while maintaining complete control behind the late model engine. This is it! The asphalt is hot; #25 is prepared for the level of competition with determination and agility. Chris didn’t get to this position alone he had a sponsor, he had a team who backed him, supported him and propelled him to push a little harder and embrace the new season, sharp turns and all! … read more 

What’s in LOFT513…Do Your CENTS Get You To Your Destination?
Will $4.95 get me 25 miles North?


A quiet moment getting gas this morning shifted my creative energy into a space of appreciation and absolute gratitude. It never ceases to amaze me the love that surrounds and the expression we can share with others effortlessly but purposefully. Watching a young man, barely 22, counting nickels and dimes at the counter of Chevron on Foothill Blvd in Tujunga, hoping he could put just enough gas into his bright yellow souped up chevy truck to get up the hill to read more


Our Team
Leadership Team

A passionate team of inventive creatives who can craft great things

We believe in QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Our creative team personally takes an interest in each and every one of our projects. We produce well-branded, and visually enticing campaigns for market launches, print, packaging, the web and beyond...

  • Testimonial

    Becky Rickett

    "Putting the Monet in Monetize"

    When it comes to the universal entrepreneurial spirit, Becky Rickett reaches for the stars, never stopping until her vision is born and translated into her work. With over 25 years in radio (LOVE LINE! on-air personality), music LOVER, (check out Artist Direct… or All Music… be prepared to go “Old School”) special markets and graphic production/design, Becky never wavers.

    Whether coordinating the production department for EMI Music Special Markets or working with branded companies such as Eddie Bauer, Starbucks, Nordstroms, Kohls, Target and more, Becky always hit the mark. She is highly qualified and sought after.

    Her amazing insight and creativity has been the means to visual success. She is the star behind Big Star Production Group, always twinkling, always bright and ready to translate your company or personal brand into exquisite, eye popping graphics. Whether you need a website, marketing ephemera, or a photographer, Becky puts the Monet in Monetize.

  • Testimonial

    Gary Lawrence

    "The Ticket To Ride!"

    When it comes to operations and business relations Gary Lawrence has the ticket to ride. A long, successful career has given him the edge he needs to cut through business jargon and get to the heart of the deal.

    Since the 80s Gary has had multiple successful careers from an on-air radio personality to music buyer to successfully selling some of the first online music websites in the heyday of the Internet revolution. He’s been around the block a few times and this is not his first barbeque!

    Gary fills in the blanks with knowledge, know-how and versatility. From contracts and sales, to negotiation and associations. He is the sand filling the gaps of the hourglass.

  • Testimonial

    Mary Dolezal

    "The Secret Sauce"

    When it comes to ‘taking the bull by the horn (and removing the bull!)’ Mary Dolezal is the real thing. With over 25 years in the music and publishing industries, Mary’s track record speaks for itself.

    She has successfully launched marketing campaigns for musical acts, spearheaded author promotional tours and appearances, and currently heads all distribution  and marketing channels for a well-known Electonica and Dance music label in Los Angeles.

    Her pure drive and due diligence has been the means to sales success. She is the autonomous secret sauce working behind the scenes.

  • Testimonial

    Bob the Techie

    "Silent but always present"

    Bob The Techie has not seen the light of day for decades, and he loves it! Bob doesn’t mind his day-glo skin when he gets out on occasion to enjoy the beach, he might as well have ‘Techie’ tattooed on his forearm in code.

    Bob’s forte includes a diverse pool of qualifications and experience with technologies such as .NET, PHP, WordPress, Magento, HTML and Mobile Technologies  like iPhone/iPad and Android. Development & Programming, Custom software/Application Development, CRM, Search Engine Optimization and the list goes on…

    Bob is The Maestro, The Orchestrator, the man behind the screen. Silent but always present….making things run smoothly 24/7.

  • Testimonial

    Come Join Our Team!

    "And The Beat Goes On...."

    We absolutely LOVE innovative, creative, think-outside-the-box team members. Don’t tell us it CAN’T be done, or you don’t know how. Tell us how YOU use your innate, God-given talent to deliver incredible results every day. That’s the Big Star team spirit that we thrive on!

    Want to join us?…

what our clients say

A passionate team of inventive creatives who can craft great things

Thank you for the CREATIVE COLLABORATION we truly enjoy the experience we have with each and everyone of our clients...

  • Testimonial

    Designs are amazing…

    Leanne DiSanto, Empowered Body Empowered Life

    Becky and Big Star Production Group is about bringing out the best in you. They do not just throw a bunch of colors, fonts and content together. Becky listens and captures your true essence so you can build a brand that is congruent with who you are and how you want to serve. Becky is the best!!

  • Testimonial

    The quality of the work was superb!

    Holly King, S4 Motorsports Marketing

    Becky was a pleasure to work with and made adjustments as necessary to fit our unique need of a race car underlay design. She was able to come up with an awesome design in the time frame we had available, Becky was definitely up to the challenge that we provided her with and it was a pleasure to work with her on this project.

  • Testimonial

    BigStar (Becky) work is crisp, fresh and world class in ideas, creativity and execution!

    George P. Kansas, The Omega Mindset

    Translating big ideas into visually appealing and simple "feelings" takes guts and vision. On paper and on screen, the output is priceless!

  • Testimonial

    Attentive, creative, accessible and fast

    Tina Lifford, The Inner Fitness Project

    Becky is like a business partner, champion and friend rolled into one. Her keen eye and listening skill created a branded look that helped me powerfully own into my brand. I feel good about sharing my website with potential business partners.

  • Testimonial

    Your work is awesome!

    Laura Gisborne, Limitless Women

    I am glad to have you on our team. Becky is, quite simply, the best at what she does.

  • Testimonial

    I began attracting a more affluent customer. The design really up leveled my business.

    JuliAnn Stitick, www.JuliAnnStitick.com

    My work with Becky brings about a consistent stream of compliments and people always request for an introduction.  Becky puts her heart into all her work and it shows.  I highly recommend Becky and often do.

  • Testimonial

    Becky delivered on exactly what we had discussed in a very short time, and the quality was excellent.

    Carrie Sharpshair/Simply Strategic Success, simplystrategicsuccess.com

    Our initial work allowed me to quickly refresh the look and feel of my monthly newsletter and will lead the way for future projects. Working with Becky is a wonderful experience. She has a fantastic ability to quickly tap into my vision and provide a visual representation of what I see in my head!

  • Testimonial

    It has been a wonderful collaborative process, easy communication and and absolute blast!

    Lori Dorman, CEO hipbirth

    Everything. The look and feel of the brand would not be the same without you. Becky is a vast sea of knowledge pertaining to positioning your site well so it is successful and makes a large cash flow. Becky has gone above and beyond in every aspect of the building of our site. Her creativity and knowledge are priceless. Our site is one of the most stunning sites on the web today. Becky is a joy to work with and we are grateful we found her.

  • Testimonial

    What I love is that every new design is different from the previous one

    Tharini Shanmugarajah,

    Amazing quality! Everything was always designed beautifully. I have done countless projects such as brochures, flyers, website, promotional dvds, and ads through big star. What I love is that every new design is different from the previous one. The work is always professional, fresh, clean, modern, and elegant.

  • Testimonial

    Your work makes a huge difference!

    Kalapeetham Foundation,

    I absolutely adore Becky Rickett and love working with her. The main reason why she is my go to designer is because of how efficient she is. If I send her an email, I get a response back in literally minutes! And when you are under a time crunch this really helps! She is always sensitive to my needs as a client and is always willing to work with me. She's a perfectionist just like I am which really helps. I also love that when she does my printing, I don't have to run around to pick up things. If she's in the area then she just drops it off on my porch. I've been working with her since 2009 and she has been a huge lifesaver. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME AND MY ENDLESS EDITS BECKY! You're the best!

  • Testimonial

    Nowhere, will you find more attentive, responsive, or high quality work.

    David Bagnall, Midwest Music Wholesalers

    Big Star Productions work gave my business a cutting edge appeal to customers.  It reached out and grabbed them, resulting in more online traffic and subsequently more business. I highly recommend Big Star Productions.  Nowhere, will you find more attentive, responsive, or high quality work.  Becky and her team work tirelessly to insure a quality product.

  • Testimonial

    Amazing, up a few notches for sure!

    Pam Heiberg, Dilbeck

    Becky has a creative flair like no other. She listens to feedback and makes masterpieces!!

  • Testimonial

    Made our company very professional looking in every aspect

    David Bagnall,

    Becky Rickett has not only a great eye and talent for creating incredible websites and marketing materials, she has the personality to direct clients in the right direction for their unique situation. David Bagnall, CEO Midwest Music Wholesalers

  • Testimonial

    Not only was your work efficient, but the quality was always the best.

    Anjana Pathmarajah,

    It was such a pleasure working with Becky! She never failed to put forth her best ideas and give 100% effort to make me satisfied. She is extremely efficient while producing top quality work. She never hesitated to promptly answer any of my questions or make changes until I was satisfied with the final product. I couldn't be happier with the end result!

  • Our items before Becky felt amateurish, she lent a much more professional feel to our items.

    Craig McGovern,

    Becky was great to work with. She is very hands-on and is with you every step of the way. You'll be very happy with the final product and with working with Becky! She is wonderful! The quality of the materials was fantastic!

  • Testimonial

    Excellent Work

    Michael A. Gamble, SBC National

    Your firm helped us develop the original logos and brand from scratch...

  • Becky was engaged, efficient, and made the entire process enjoyable.

    Mindy Conner, Conner Strategies and Solutions

    Took the pressure off of me knowing that once I turned over the "piece" we were working on, I could focus solely on the rest of the project, trusting that the outcome would be exactly what I expected and more. It was. And on time.