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We are Creative
We Are Brand Strategists
We Design Stunners
We Build Websites
We Create Product Launches
We are Photographers
We Are Designers

Welcome to Big Star Production Group, a Los Angeles creative & professional website and graphic design firm

specializing in customized websites, graphics, branding, product launches, social media marketing, search engine optimization and eCommerce.  
Check out our SHOWCASE PAGE to learn more about our work.

Does your website need a few tweaks? Enter your url and the Big Star team
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 Our Gift to you.


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Create Your Profile In loft513 big star production group LOFT513 Blog Tease loft513 Hey there, I’m Becky!  I hang out on the top floor of Big Star Production Group, we call it our IDEA STUDIO! A cozy corner of our LOFT where I spend my days experimenting with color, fonts, code, web design, web development, and just about anything else creative. When inspiration strikes I’ll share creative tips and shortcuts, graphic and web ideas as well as authored articles that either inspire my heart or tickle my brain. When you arrive at LOFT513 I’d love for your to create your own unique profile, that way our team gets to know you personally.  Feel free to share your profile socially or with family and friends.


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A few authored articles from LOFT513 the top floor of Big Star Production Group

visual horsepower for your brand big star production group LOFT513 Blog Tease NUMBER 25 e1430925105891
Here is a LOFT513 Blog Tease…“Speed, I am speed” ~ Lightening McQueen
Visual Horsepower for your brand!

Big Star Production Group offers “visual horsepower for your brand!”

Every aspect of #25 is evaluated for reliability, safety, performance, and comfort. Chris King is dressed for endurance with fire-retardant clothing, crash helmet, and protective gear. As he climbs through the safety cage to gain control and settle into the racing seat of his late model, warm leather embraces accelerated adrenaline. This is the moment Chris is prepared for: both physically and mentally. The countdown has begun, a quick look left, then right, the initial thrust of the pedal, the engine is engaged, tires screech, and focus becomes fixed on speed, competitors, lap time and qualifying; all the while maintaining complete control behind the late model engine. This is it! The asphalt is hot; #25 is prepared for the level of competition with determination and agility. Chris didn’t get to this position alone he had a sponsor, he had a team who backed him, supported him and propelled him to push a little harder and embrace the new season, sharp turns and all! … read more 

bigstarproductions_destination big star production group LOFT513 Blog Tease bek
Here is a LOFT513 Blog Tease…Do Your CENTS Get You To Your Destination?
Will $4.95 get me 25 miles North?


A quiet moment getting gas this morning shifted my creative energy into a space of appreciation and absolute gratitude. It never ceases to amaze me the love that surrounds and the expression we can share with others effortlessly but purposefully. Watching a young man, barely 22, counting nickels and dimes at the counter of Chevron on Foothill Blvd in Tujunga, hoping he could put just enough gas into his bright yellow souped up chevy truck to get up the hill to read more